When to visit Calabria

You are probably wondering when to visit Calabria. I recommend any time except July and August. You can visit the region all year round. Spring when the temperature is mild and pleasant, swim in the sea April, May, June and September. You do not have these soaring temperatures as you do in July and August. You can actually stand on the sand without burning your feet and relax on the beach without loud music from lidos. In short, you can have the beach all for yourself.

Soaring temperatures in Calabria

Calabria is a place to visit for its sea and mountains
sea and mountains
Walks in the forest

Calabria has stunning countryside to visit as well as vineyards and fruit trees. You can read about figs here. I recommend visiting these landscapes any time except July and August. You can enjoy the tranquillity and relax knowing that the greenery won’t catch fire due to soaring high temperatures in July and August. Unfortunately, and as more than ever these scorching temperatures are causing wildfires all over the globe and Calabria is no exception.

People visit Calabria for its beaches

The temperature can reach over 40 degrees Celsius in July and August and is not very pleasant to enjoy your holiday. Most of the time, you are indoors with the air conditioning on. Fortunately, we can avoid this period and go when the temperature is lower. This way, you can have a pleasant time without any worries and really enjoy Calabria at its best. There is not much rain in the summer and everything starts to look a little dry in peak season.

Reasons to visit Calabria

Spring is the time to see Calabria at its best with its beautiful wild flowers and fruit trees. There is quite a lot of rainfall during the winters, hence the reason Calabria is very green at this time of the year. Read more here. You can walk comfortably around the places of interest and major attractions without seeing any crowds. Calabria is a walkers paradise with its many trails and stunning scenery from every corner.

People visit Calabria for many reasons whether it is for its cuisine, beaches, archaeological sites, trekking and more. You can read more here. September for me is the best time. The temperature is pleasant to swim and walk. There is some rainfall making it go back to that green paradise. The restaurants are not so busy so the restaurant owners give you all the attention pampering you with all that delicious food and wine.

The events in Calabria

There are still many events all throughout the year, even if most of them are in August. I personally find that the best church processions are around Easter time. This is a wonderful time to visit Calabria and see their many traditions. You can read more here. Christmas is just as equally a wonderful time to visit. You may not be able to swim but you can still enjoy a little sun at least up to the end of December in Calabria.

So when is the best time to visit Calabria. The simple answer is any time except July and August. Of course, many Italians visit during that time as that is when they have their holidays. They cannot avoid that period. If you do not mind these soaring temperatures, then it is also a great time to visit for the outdoor events, guaranteed sunshine and beach parties. Make sure you choose accommodation with air conditioning and drink lots of water.

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