Feel special in southern Italy

If you are looking for a place to make you feel special then southern Italy will do exactly that. It is not only the landscapes, the food, the sea and the mountains that can make you feel special, but the people. They are renowned for their kind hospitality. You feel pampered from the minute you arrive until your departure and if you live here, then you know that they always make you feel at home.

Warmth and attention to make you feel special

It all starts from the minute you enter a bar or a shop, the owner greets you as if he has known you all his life. In some cases, he or she will tell you their life story. Nevertheless, they will make you feel special. I don’t know about you but it is a great feeling when you walk into a shop or bar and the owners greet you with such warmth and give you their full attention.

Places that make you feel special
romantic places

Do not worry, this is normal behaviour. Of course, in my country we do not behave the same and so it may be a little strange for some people. I must admit though, most foreigners embrace it. Of course, it is also the places that have that romantic air about them. Romance is everywhere in southern Italy. You can read here about my favourite romantic vistas in Calabria.

A perfect Valentine’s gift

Baci Perugina make you feel special
my box of chocolates

Actually, it is no surprise that Saint Valentine was Italian. As this feast of passion for romantic couples occurs tomorrow, I wanted to share with you the gift that many Italians give to each other to make them feel truly special. It comes in the form of a chocolate box. Some of these chocolate boxes are in the shape of a heart and most Italian couples buy them for each other on Valentine’s day. The name of these special chocolates are Baci Perugina which translates into kisses. You can read more here.

They come in a thick layer of dark chocolate, hazelnut crumbs and a hazelnut in the centre. The chocolate maker started making them in 1922 and this year they celebrate their 100th anniversary. When you unwrap them, you will find a message of love again making you feel special. I wanted to share with you the box of chocolates I got from my Italian husband. You can see it in the feature photo.

Things that make you feel special

Many couples also go out for a romantic dinner. The restaurants organise a special Valentine’s dinner. The owners of the restaurants make the couples feel special by decorating the dining room with red love hearts, decorations, special candles and romantic tableware. I am sure that this year, as it is on a Monday, most people like myself went to a romantic restaurant at the weekend.

Romantic restaurants to make you feel special
romantic restaurants
Calabrian starter
typical Calabrian starter

Actually, when you dine in southern Italy, any day is special. Whether you book a restaurant with a sea view or a mountain view, you really feel special. The food as we know is divine and every region in southern Italy has its own specialities.

Swimming in the sea or stepping onto the balcony or terrace of your sea view makes you feel even more special. Perhaps a dip in the jacuzzi. You can find many hotels that offer this experience. Use my travel resources here to get around and I hope that wherever you are on Valentine’s day, you will feel special too. Read here to find out when to visit Calabria.

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