Extreme sports in Calabria

Did you ever think that you could test your adrenaline in Calabria? Not many people know that Calabria is the ideal place to practise extreme sports due to its geological nature. You are spoilt for choice from cave expeditions to rafting down the river rapids on the Lao river or standing on a hover board and flying up into the air at some height.

There are so many extreme sports you can practise here all year round. As well as challenging yourselves, you can see all the natural beauty close up. Here are just a few of the activities you will find:

Kayaking and canyoning in Pollino – see some stunning nature close up as you navigate down the river

Cave expeditions led by qualified guides

Helicopter rides where you can enjoy the scenery from high above

Tandem paragliding if you prefer not to go alone

Microlight flight over the Ionian Coast – fly over the Ionian coast and discover it from high above

Snorkelling and Scuba diving where you can explore the marine life of Calabria

Fly board or hover board session fly through the air at a sheer height on this excursion

Hiking trips in Aspromonte Discover the beauty of the Aspromonte National Park hiking and be rewarded with incredible views

Mountain biking in the Sila National Park – a mountain bikers paradise with plenty of trails and zig zag riding.

Gorge walking in Pollino National Park

There are too many to mention so you will find a complete list of excursions here You can book these through our trusted partners. Choose Calabria for your next Adrenaline adventure. You won’t be disappointed. Calabria is full of natural beauty and unspoilt places.

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