The Ionian Sea – Calabria

Calabria and the Ionian sea

There are two seas in Calabria, the Ionian sea and the Tyrrhenian sea. The Ionian one for me is the most stunning. It is the one which surrounds Greece, Albania and Sicily. I couldn’t believe the different colours of the water. First a deep blue then it changes to a turquoise emerald green. The marine life is a real treat for scuba divers.

Unfortunately, I am only able to snorkel in these incredible waters. If you are looking for a scuba diving experience then this tour is for you [widgets_on_pages id=”Scuba diving in Calabria”]

My experience in a dinghy in the Ionian sea

Actually, I had the opportunity to explore the waters in a motorised dinghy snorkelling every so often. We stopped off several times discovering white sandy beaches, completely deserted. We had prepared a picnic and ate it on one of the beaches where there was not a soul in sight. Some of them are only accessible by boat. Read more here about the sea.

I managed to see some fish but I could not believe the different colours of this beautiful transparent sea. The beaches are never very busy (except in July and August) when the most popular beaches are full of Italian tourists.

Boat trips along the coast

Luckily some of them can only be reached by boat which are completely unspoilt. There are many organised boat trips along the Ionian coast as well as further afield. Exploring the Calabrian sea in a dinghy was an amazing experience for me.

You can also read about my day trip to the Aeolian islands here. You will also find many watersports run by the lidos on some of these beaches such as kitesurfing, jet skiing and other activities. There is plenty to see and do with endless opportunities to explore this wonderful sea. Read some facts about the Ionian sea here.

a dinghy on the Ionian sea
My experience in a dinghy on the Ionian sea
Approaching the beach
Approaching the beach

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