A weekend on the Amalfi Coast from Calabria

The Amalfi coastline

Have you ever wondered if you could visit the Amalfi coast from Calabria? The answer is yes. Why not visit one of the most beautiful coasts in the world for a weekend from Calabria. I would recommend 2 nights in a hotel. We started our journey from Lamezia train station in Calabria.

The train from Lamezia to the Amalfi coast

The train was on time for our weekend trip to the Amalfi coast. I was excited as I had lived and worked there for many years. I wanted to go back and visit but even more so, to see if it was possible from Calabria. It certainly was.

The train journey was very comfortable with spectacular sea views all the way along the coastline until we left Calabria and then started to see the countryside with more beautiful scenery. The train took about 2 hours and 30 minutes to Salerno and was about 30 euro per person each way. You can find timetables in the travel resources here.

The bus or boat from Salerno

We arrived at the station and decided to take the bus to Maiori, our first stop along the Amalfi Coast. The bus stop was right outside the station. You need to get tickets at the tabacchi shop inside the station before you get on the bus. Tickets cost about 4 euro.

Modern train station in Salerno

I noticed that the train station had been all renovated and looked very new and modern with plenty of eateries, shops and bars. We only waited about 20 minutes before the blue SITA bus arrived.

This is the name of the bus Company. You will find the times printed at the bus stop. They mostly run about every hour.

Bus ride from Salerno to Maiori

It was July and very crowded. If you are lucky to go out of season, the Amalfi Coast is wonderful with less tourists and traffic. Unfortunately, it was the only time I could go.

The bus ride was not too bad and they have air conditioning. The seats are very comfortable and the drivers are incredible. How they tackle this very narrow winding road where hardly two cars can pass by, is beyond belief.

The coastal road along the Amalfi coast

There are about 1000 bends, but the views are the rewarding part. You see luxurious villas and hotels clinging to limestone cliffs amidst lemon groves and the deep intense blue sea below with pretty beaches and coves.

Hotels along the Amalfi coast

The seafront in Maori
View from the hotel

We decided to stay in Maiori which is only 20 minutes away from Amalfi and you can visit when you want by bus or boat. Maiori is a pretty seaside resort with many hotels, guest houses, B&B’s and holiday homes.

Besides its attractive seafront, there is a main road full of shops, bars and restaurants. There is also a beautiful church you can visit called Santa Maria a mare which sits high above Maiori.

We stayed on the seafront in the hotel sole Splendid with an amazing sea view and views of Ravello and the Amalfi coast. The atmosphere on the promenade in the evening is wonderful there.

We had a beautiful room with large spacious shower room. The ceramic tiled floors in this hotel are typical of the Amalfi Coast. We had a superb breakfast in the morning. There was everything there. The staff were friendly and helpful.

Boat shuttle from Minori

The pier in Minori

Our next town was the smaller town of Minori next to Maiori. Another picturesque seaside resort with beautiful churches and a very attractive square.

We used Minori as a base to travel by boat along the Amalfi coast as there is a regular boat shuttle which takes you to Amalfi. It runs all day about every hour. You can go to Positano if you change at Amalfi which is definitely recommended.

Amalfi lit up at night
Amalfi at night
The cathedral of Amalfi

The cathedral of Amalfi

Amalfi is of course, the jewel of the Amalfi coast. It boasts one of the most beautiful Moorish cathedrals in Italy dating back to the 9th century with a very attractive square right in front of it.

The road from the square leads you to the main street with lots of shops, bars and restaurants and in the other direction down to the charming seafront lined with trendy bars, ice cream parlours and restaurants.

The port is very pretty at night as well as the whole of the Amalfi coast. Seeing it at night all lit up is something really special. You can also visit Sorrento from Amalfi taking the boat to Positano and then a 30 minute bus ride to Sorrento or the bus directly to Sorrento. You can read about my weekend to Sorrento here.

The boat from Minori to Salerno along the Amalfi coast

The next day we took the boat from Minori directly to Salerno. You can also take the boat from Salerno port to Maiori, Minori or Amalfi which is recommended if you do not wish to travel by bus.

It was a wonderful boat ride all the way to Salerno. We could see the coast from a different perspective and it was breathtaking and very relaxing. The cost is about 8 euro and takes about 40 minutes. The port is only about a 10 minute short walk to the train station. You can read about my escorted boat trip to Positano here.

Salerno train station

The train station in Salerno

While we were waiting on the next train, we went for a walk. The main road lined with many shops, bars and restaurants is just across the road from the station.

If you want to stay near the station, there is plenty to do in that area. Salerno also has a long wide promenade with trendy bars overlooking the sea which is worthwhile if you have a few hours to wait.

We then took our train back to Lamezia. I definitely recommend 2 nights on the Amalfi coast if you are staying in Calabria. You can read about my Neapolitan experience here.

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