An underwater city in Monasterace

An underwater ancient Greek city named Kaulon lies beneath the waters in the area of Monasterace on the Jasmine Coast. An absolute paradise for scuba divers as most of the city is underwater. Watch the video to find out about this unforgotten place. There are plenty of diving operators taking enthusiastic divers to this site. You can see more pictures and videos of this site here.

The underwater bronze statues of Riace

In fact, there have been other treasures found along this coast including the underwater bronze statues of Riace which were discovered by a fisherman out at sea in 1972. These famous statues are now in the National Archaeological museum of Reggio Calabria. Two Greek warriors from Ancient Greece.

The other treasures from this site are in this little museum of Monasterace, including the dragon of Kaulon, an impressive mosaic left by the ancient Greeks. Today, it is another of Calabria’s wonders. Read more about Calabria’s mosaics here.

I had only found the museum by chance. There were no signs on the main road to let people know about it so I wanted to write about this place and let my readers know that this museum exists and is definitely worth visiting.

Underwater Greek finds in the archaeological museum of Monasterace

Having explored the fascinating archaeological site, I then noticed a sign saying museum so I followed it. It was not easy to find. You actually have to cross the road opposite the site and follow a small path leading to this incredible place.

It is a large white building and looks very plain from the outside with an Italian flag, but the inside is very different. Many students and volunteers have been working hard to show this wonder to the world. Only now are they starting to get visitors.

An ancient Greek city

There is no admission fee and the museum is happy to have visitors. You can find terracotta pottery, statues, furniture and mosaic flooring dating back to the 7th century when a Greek city called Kaulon was alive and bustling. This museum and site brings it back to life. All the treasures that were underwater were brought to the museum.

The underwater city of Kaulon today

This city now sits beneath the depths of the waters in Monasterace, but you can still see some of the remains around this area. The best way to see them is diving. If you are a scuba diver, then you will be in for a treat. Some agencies organise scuba diving trips so you can see the ruins close up.

The temples that were underwater in Monasterace in Calabria

Read more about the sea in Calabria here. You may also be interested in diving around other parts of Calabria. You can go scuba diving on this tour [widgets_on_pages id=”Scuba diving in Calabria”] You will find Greek treasures all over Calabria.

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