Taking the car to Pizzo

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Driving to Pizzo is easy. you can approach this town from the A2 motorway (which used to be the A3) either driving from Salerno or Reggio Calabria. You will see the signs for Pizzo which is very close to Tropea. Everyone has heard of Tropea in Calabria but what about Pizzo? Did you know that Pizzo is only 15 minutes away from Lamezia Airport. You can rent a car here with our trusted partner.

Another hidden gem and a spectacular drive to reach it. We actually came from Rosarno and followed the coastal road to Pizzo. A much longer drive but worth it for the views. Only a short drive from Lamezia Airport.

It was like stepping back onto the Amalfi Coast road where I had spent many years of my life. I was thrilled to find another spectacular coastline. Another roller coaster ride with winding narrow roads on the edge of limestone cliffs and the deep blue sea below us never losing sight of this wonder. Citrus and olive trees surrounding you with spectacular villas clinging to the cliffs. Driving the car along this coastline is actually quite relaxing.

Taking the car into the town of Pizzo

narrow streets in Pizzo not good for a car
The narrow streets

We left the car at the top of the road and walked down to the centre of Pizzo. You can take your car, but the streets are very narrow. I recommend leaving it at the top and walking down. It is a very characteristic town with many steps leading you down to one of the most beautiful squares in Calabria. As we were going down, I noticed many narrow colourful streets with small shops and boutiques and some displaying the typical ceramics of this area.

I could not help but buy a few just to add to my already immense collection of Amalfi, Santo Stefano di Camastra and other Calabrian ceramics. The next street led me to the lively centre of Pizzo.

The square in Pizzo

A pretty square

As I was coming into the square, I was wondering if there were many people living here and then all of a sudden, it was like the whole community was congregated around the square. It was full of locals, visitors and passers-by. Most of the visitors were enjoying the incredible views while consuming the delicacies of Pizzo and other specialities.

Tartufo di Pizzo ice cream

There were pretty pavement cafes and restaurants everywhere. The speciality of this area is of course, tartufo di Pizzo. As mentioned earlier in my blog, this is the place where it originated from. Many posters and menus show this delight in all forms. A ball of ice cream with a chocolate-centred filling. Once you delve into it, the chocolate filling oozes out and the taste is just divine.

The Church and the Mastia tower

The highlight of this square is the pretty church in the corner. It catches your eye the minute you reach the square. Visitors can go inside but must have shoulders covered. The other highlight is the Mastia tower where Murat was imprisoned.

The seafront and the unusual sculpture

There are some steps leading off from the square which take you down to the pretty seafront lined with bars restaurants and a beach. You will notice just before you go down, a giant sculpture of a fisherman sitting on half a boat with his legs dangling over the edge. All the cameras were snapping it and what a work of art. I, also managed to capture it. We spent the whole day there. Another hidden gem discovered.

A beach in Pizzo. You can take the car down to the seafront, but it is better on foot.
A sculpture of a man and a road for cars going down to the seafront.
The sculpture

Taking the car along the coastline

Driving to the nearby towns of Tropea, Zambrone, Vibo Valentia, Ricadi and many others is easy as they are close to one another. The coastal road is usually quiet except July and August. You may have to park the car miles away from these towns during that period and pay expensive car parking. The rest of the year, you can park your car inside the towns free of charge. Read more about driving in Calabria here.

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