Palizzi Marine Turtles in Calabria

Marine life in Calabria

Marine life in Calabria is incredible. Dolphins and lots of other species of fish can be found swimming in the waters of Calabria. Did you know the Caretta (loggerhead) sea turtles nest on the sands of Palizzi beach. Palizzi is close to Brancaleone, not so far from Reggio Calabria on the Jasmine Coast.

All the beaches in this area are unspoilt and very quiet (except July and August). Most of the people who left Palizzi to work abroad or in the North of Italy come back to see their families and friends in July and August. Bathers usually go to beaches far from the nesting sites. For more unspoilt beaches and a protected marine reserve, you can see here.

The marine aquarium

There are at least 71 nesting sites in Calabria. There is also a small recovery centre near here which has a small marine aquarium. Many projects are funded to help with the preservation and protect those divine creatures from any threats. If you are in this area, you can see the volunteers setting the marine creatures free and back into the sea just like in this video.

It is no surprise the turtles chose this place as their nesting site. (1096 inhabitants in this area). Watch this video and read more here.

The International festival in Palizzi

It is a beautiful coastline unspoilt by tourism and completely surrounded by nature. It lies on the southern slopes of the Aspromonte massif. Palizzi is also famous for its dry red wine (Palizzi wine), usually accompanied with meat dishes. You can enjoy its many festivals during the summer including Palizzi International film festival. Palizzi is only about 30 mins to Reggio Calabria.

Palizzi Superiore and Palizzi Marina

The town has two parts; Palizzi Superiore and the area close to the sea Palizzi marina. The upper part is the old town. It is a pretty medieval village with many characteristic streets and very colourful. I like when all the houses seem to be climbing up the hillside.

There are lots of nooks and crannies always with that constant view of the sea. The little town is hidden beneath the cliff-side surrounded by farmland and vineyards. It is definitely worth visiting. Besides finding many deserted beaches to swim, you can also visit this little pretty town. You can also visit the church in the square. It is better to come at any time of the year except August as you will find the whole town full of people. If on the other hand, you prefer that, then you will find plenty of life in this town.

crystal-clear blue water in Palizzi

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