My free spa experience in Lamezia Terme

The large natural spa pool

Nowadays, it is not often that you can have a free spa experience. I had no idea that this natural thermal spa existed. The locals told me about it. It is located in Contrada Caronte in Lamezia Terme, the town famous for its thermal springs, International airport, wine and the main train station.

Lamezia Terme is very green and full of agricultural land. The famous wine Lamezia Doc is made from the vineyards here. You will see rows of vineyards everywhere as well as citrus groves and olive trees. As Lamezia airport is close by, you can get a good view of it as you take off and land.

Buying local produce

I remember buying a few products from an organic shop before trying out this spa experience. It was actually in someone’s land. We had to go through olive groves to reach it and then, all of a sudden, there was this little shop full of products from their land. Honey, fig jam, dried figs, citrus fruits, sun dried tomatoes, preserved vegetables in jars, tomato sauces, home-made bread, etc…

Caronte free thermal spa

I discovered another hidden delight, a free open air natural spa. There were people everywhere. Some changing into their swimwear, others walking around with their bathrobes, some enjoying the invigorating spa experience.

Heated spa pool

Swimming in winter outdoors

Luckily, I had my swimwear on as there was only 1 man-made changing cabin. It was a real surprise when I entered the water. It was March and rather a little cold, so to my delight, the water was extremely hot. I did not want to get out. We spent the whole day there. The pool water is hot all year round. Not sure about going there in Summer but in winter, it is wonderful.

I can only describe it as a large natural swimming pool built out of the rock with cold springs to cool you down from time to time. What was very pleasant was the way the water made you feel. It was completely relaxing. You could smell sulphur and other revitalizing minerals. To make it even more relaxing do not bring any valuables as there are no lockers.

Sunday spa

There were many local people swimming who told me that this was their weekly pampering treat and that every Sunday they would not fail to miss this place. They also tell their friends and relatives, so on a Sunday it becomes a little busy. I am sure that during the week, you could have the place to yourselves. It is worth a visit and free. See more photos and reviews here.

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