Shopping in Reggio Calabria

A great place for shopping

Reggio Calabria is the largest city in Calabria (approx 15 mins by car from Scilla). Gabriele D’annunzio, the Italian poet described it as being “the most beautiful kilometre in Italy” and rightly so. It is a great place for shopping and sightseeing.

The city boasts one of the most beautiful and longest promenades I have ever seen with a spectacular view of Mount Etna and Sicily in front of you. In fact, Sicily is only 20 minutes by ferry from Reggio Calabria.

Not far from the promenade, there is the main street with shops of all descriptions; boutiques, designer shops, stores and even some old fashioned ones.

The seafront close to the main shopping street

The seafront is close to the main shopping street
The promenade in Reggio Calabria
A beach in Reggio Calabria
Reggio Calabria seafront

There is a long promenade which ends at the train station of Reggio Calabria. After walking halfway along, I had to sit down and take a rest. Everyone was out walking along this wonderful promenade enjoying the incredible views of Etna and Sicily.

Just below the promenade, there is a wide beach with plenty of bars and lidos for sunbathers and enough space for those who just want to sit on the sand or go for a dip in the water.

The lidos come alive in the summer at night with concerts, beach parties and nightclubs going on to all hours in the morning just in time for a hot croissant and cappuccino.

The promenade

A very attractive promenade with well maintained gardens and beautiful flowers everywhere. Each flower bed has the name of the establishment responsible for it. You will also notice some unusual mosaic sculptures on the road opposite the seafront.

There are many stylish bars just across from the promenade all along the road serving local delicacies such as different flavours of granita with whipped cream or ice cream in a bun as well as an array of assorted fresh baked pastries, drinks and coffees.

A bar facing the promenade in Reggio Calabria, just in front of the main shopping street
A bar facing the promenade

These bars are a little more expensive, but well worth it for the views that you take in while sipping your drinks.

The main shopping street

Just behind the promenade lies another interesting street, Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi. This is the main pedestrian street for all the shops and evening stroll. It has many interesting outlets from Zara to H&M, boutiques and even old fashioned shops which sell everything.

You could spend a whole day shopping as the street is almost as long as the promenade. Here you will find more bars, pavement cafes, restaurants and the public gardens. If you are lucky to go in August, they have great sales with 50% off. Perfect for shopping enthusiasts.

This street becomes another promenade as many people come here to walk and enjoy the shopping ambience in the early evening when it gets cooler. Remember shops close in the afternoon from 1 to 4pm and stay open to 8pm.

The National Museum close to the main shopping street

The National Museum is very close to the main shopping street
The National Museum

As well as beaches, shopping and gardens, Reggio houses the famous Bronze statues of Riace. They were found in 1972 by a local diver in Riace on the Jasmine coast and are in this museum. They are the symbol of Calabria.

The museum is open all day every day except Mondays and well worth a visit. The entrance fee is about 8 euro. It is located at the end of the shopping street in Piazza Giuseppe di Nava.

You will find also some other interesting artefacts belonging to the Magna Grecian period. There are many beautiful churches to visit in Reggio as well as the attractive square opposite the famous theatre Cilea where you can admire sculptures and Art Nouveau buildings. See a review here about shopping in Reggio Calabria. Palmi is another great place for shopping.

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